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Counting Down the Days

Ben and I filed our I-130 petition with the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) back in late May, 2012.  The average waiting time on an approval allowing us to move forward to the next step is 5 months.  We’re looking at somewhere around the end of October.

The time has both flown by, yet also dragged on sooo slow!  If patience is a virtue, then I am VERY virtuous!  We’ve been at this waiting game for almost 3 years.  Our anniversay is October 1st. There are days I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years and others when I can’t remember what it was like before we came into each other’s lives.

We are in the process of planning another trip for me to go see him next month.  I’m saving every penny possible so that I can buy my ticket by the end of this month.  There are moments when it’s a choice between Starbucks and a week with my husband.  Will one cup of coffee make a difference?  Not one, but one every day will!

I can hardly think about anything besides buying my ticket and having a set date to look forward to.  KNOWING that I can hold my husband again soon.  A week or two isn’t long, but it’s enough to tide us over until his interview to come live Stateside.  God willing that will go smoothly and quickly once we get that approval in October!  No more hold ups, I say! 

How does one live in today when what they hold dearest is in the future?  We have a great relationship full of love, tenderness, laughter, companionship…. with 10,000 miles and the Atlantic ocean between us.  The future of being physically together brings all of our hopes for children, a home, daily laughter, bickering, making love, paying bills, starting a business together to a reality.  They cannot happen with us on different continents.

We both spend a lot of time talking and planning our life together.  It’s hard to stay in today and what makes this very moment wonderful when there is so much tied up in tomorrow.  I enjoy each and every moment we spend together… whether it’s online, on the phone, or face-to-face.  Despite enjoying every moment in any form, I still find myself constantly missing him and dreaming of the future when this distance has been obliterated. 

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I tell him “I miss you”.  I do miss him, but I tell him even when we are spending time together.  How do I get into the moment and be happy with here and now when what I long for is in the future?  This feels like such a connundrum!  I’m sure it’s actually quite simple, yet it feels extremely difficult!

We spent an hour or so chatting when I got home from work this morning.  I told him I could sleep well this morning now that I’ve seen his face, heard his voice, and spent some time laughing and playing with him.  Enjoy the simplest of moments until we can be together in the future without longing for that future.  This is the key.

I will leave you with a quote I love which I saw many years ago.  I don’t recall who said these words, perhaps they were anonymous?  I don’t intend to plagiarize.

“He who forever seeks a brighter future and doesn’t live for today has missed the meaning of life somewhere along the way.”

True words to live by.  Good night.


Enter 2012 Stage Left

Here it is… the wee early hours of 2012.  Honestly, I’m happy so say good riddance to 2011.  Some wonderful things happned last year… no denying that.  The overall feeling of the year was pretty heavy and stress laden.  Seeing a new year come to pass with a new hope of a better tomorrow is exactly what the doctor ordered!

I no longer make resolutions.  They are more or less just plans for the month of January which quickly get lost in the regular routine of life once the holidays are over and excitement (and stress) has lessened some.  This year rather than just seeing it as a date change and adjusting to writing a different year… or… making goals for myself I know I’ll never keep, I’m doing something a little different.  I’m looking at the possibilities of what is to come this year and trying to lay some plans in place to assist in their materializing.

For instance:  I need  a new car.  I need to get make a trip to Africa and marry Ben so we can start the immigration process all over again.  I need to get back into my own apartment/house again.  I want to go back to school and finish my BA and start taking some culinary courses.  I want a less emotionally taxing job.

Putting plans in place to make these happen are the important things.  Some of the plans are as follows:  Have a new savings plan started with some help to keep it going with auto transfers on paydays to start getting ready for a car and plane ticket purchase.  I’ve worked with family to get my transportation needs met for the moment and the possibility of getting some help getting a car a bit sooner than I might be able to buy outright on my own.  I’ve begun looking into low cost airfare to Nigeria and have found some spectacular prices!  I’ve set up a good plan with financial aid repayment which would allow me to finish my BA within a year or two.  I have created a list of places to start looking for employment and some possible jobs/careers which may interest me that I am also currently qualified for.  I’ve started gathering information again to put a solid resume together.  I have plans to hit the local JobLink office and start some job searches there and get some assistance.

These plans I have so far may not cover every aspect of attaining my goals.  They do, however, certainly move in the right direction of startinng that process.

I’m going to snuggle with my cat and sleep a while.  I wanna start 2012 by getting up on the right side of the bed today!  lol